About Philip

I have had a number of blogs and websites along the way, however since launching myself as a web designer, these have become more significant in terms of the business, and less a place where I can have a free and open say. At the time of launching this blog, New South Wales is around 100 days from an election and as I am likely to have a few comments to pass on the process, never having been too short of such opinions, it seemed sensible to generate a place to have such a say.

So here we are and I wonder what I  will say.  It is a funny place to be. A stale state government which is generally thought to be on the nose. At the same time the Liberal Party at the State level is seeming  to be in greater disarray than the beleaguered ALP.

Anyway, now I have a place to have a say, and you are welcome to have a say as well. You don’t have to agree with me, but you do have to be civil. I wouldn’t do to have us all acting like the barbarians at question time.

I have another WordPress.com blog aussiesuper.wordpress.com and that blog is a single issue blog addressing the matter of Superannuation in the Australian Context, especially in regard to the growing problem of the SME sector and unpaid superannuation contributions being used to economically fund the organisations, and at the same time masking fundamental financial instability.

Naturally enough I have views on many other issues as well as those that are the province if the State Government. Some of those views are political, some are ethical, some theological, and some are just views.

Generally most posts will allow comment and discussion, however comments will be moderated in order to ensure civility and sense – as in on topic. If I post on asylum seekers and you comment in regard to toothpaste (with links) I may elect not to let it through, unless I can see the connection.

If you are interested in my website work you should be able the have a look at philipbarington.net a dot net nuke site, or philipbarrington.net.au a wordpress.org type site. There are other sites, examples of my work linked there which may we give you some idea of what I do do, can do.

Philip Barrington

I am Philip Barrington, 58 going on 59. I  live in Caves Beach, the southern end of Newcastle or the northern end of the Central Coast, depending how your perspective, with my fabulous wife Susan. The boys are grown up, flown the coup and making their way in the world.

I have been prepared to hold differing opinions politically over time, and have actively campaigned for liberal, independent and labor candidates at different times. I am not a green, though I like some of what they are about. My natural political home is essentially at the conservative end of the range, yet with a strong dose of social justice I am not always comfortable there. Like a lot of Australians I am somewhere in the mix, but I would like to know that there is integrity in public life.

I recall an interview with John Howard, when a throw away question was put ‘what sort of a leader does not follow public opinion’ and John Howard’s throw away response  ‘a leader’. My concern with vote driven politics is that it can enshrine a sense of ‘follower-ship’ rather than ‘leadership’.  The other part of the problem is that if public perception drives public opinion, and the media informs public perception, and the public opinion is driving the polls, we run the risk that the media may be running the show, not just reporting on it, and then we would be in a mess – Oh wait, we are are in a mess. … maybe …

The media has moved from any pretence (or even objective) of being unbiased and neutrality in reporting. An aside in the commentary on the Victorian election the host of the program remarked ‘we are doing badly’. Unfortunately what she meant by the comment was not that the reporting was ordinary but rather that the ALP was not doing well in the votes. She was actually correct on either interpretation.

So like all commentary, what I say is an opinion, but hopefully it is my opinion at the time of writing. I reserve the right to be wrong, and the right to change my opinion from time to time. I sometimes find myself out of step with the mainstream of public opinion, and like to remember the quote from the debauched but glorious dean of St Paul’s, Dean Inge who said “Any dead dog can swim with the stream, only a live dog can swim against the current”

I sometimes get asked about WordPress which exists in two basic genre’s. WordPress.com (such as this blog) is a hosted service from http://www.wordpress.com and you set up and account, create a blog and away you go. It is free and has a level of limitation. If you want more, then WordPress can be hosted on a suite with a domain which then allows a lot more freedom in what you do. http://www.philipbarrington.net.au is an example of a hosted WordPress site. WordPress is still free however you will need to pay for a domain name and for hosting.