Dodgy CameraSky


Here is the short story.

I wanted to buy a new DSLR Camera, and so I did lots of research and decided that a Nikon d3300 might be just what I was after. Then looking for prices (and I had figured there might be a few sales in light of a new model – d3400 – about to be released) I found a great deal on CameraSky. I then sold my existing equipment to fund the new purchase. Then I made the Purchase. The price had gone down $3 on the new camera and lens kit in the fifteen days I was watching it.

So last Sunday I made the purchase on-line, and in accordance with the directions I transferred the money.  There were the usual emails about the order as you would expect. On Monday evening I received a email to tell me that my order had been ‘updated to cancelled’. A couple of thoughts went off in my head, one of which was a ‘dodgy English alert’. They have only chat so I logged on and asked why the order was cancelled and was told that the price advertised on the website was incorrect. I pointed out that it was still being displayed and within minutes it was taken down. I was told a refund would be issued in two working days.

On Tuesday I logged a phone call with the answering machine – no response as yet. I followed this with an email asking for a phone call – no response as yet.

On Wednesday I found that the Consumer Affairs Department issued a Do Not Deal With warning on Tuesday evening for CameraSky.  I logged another chat session to ask how my refund was going to be told that they needed my bank account details, which I provided.

On Friday I logged another chat session to ask when the refund was going to be processed. I was told that very day, however the banks could be a bit slow so it may take 3 or 4 days to reach my account. I was also told that they had run out of stock, and I pointed out that I had been given a different story earlier.


I have several concerns, and in part I blame myself. I did look for reviews of CameraSky and found a few negatives and quite a few positives, and all up concluded it was OK. I also was prepared to direct Transfer Funds – which I almost never do – rather than use PayPal -which I normally do. The website is well presented and implies that it is Australian, and has an ABN displayed. Interestingly the INVOICE which arrived did not display the ABN or describe itself as a TAX INVOICE which leads me to wonder if I was dealing with the company I thought I was dealing with.

I remain hopeful that I will receive my money back, however I have not had a lot to convince me yet, and the Consumer Affairs Warning, fills me with less confidence.


21/9/2016 I acknowledge this day that money has ultimately been refunded. NSW Fair Trading have also updated their media release about Digital Skies.


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