Lets not have a referendum!

The coalition last night decided to have a referendum on the matter of marriage equality. They propose that the timing of such a referendum is some time after the next election.

This seems to me a very silly choice on a number of grounds.

Firstly polling on the matter is quite simply unequivocal on the subject and has been for some time, and simply growing, currently somewhere around 70% and higher amongst young people.

Secondly we have no need of a referendum in order to change the law. Indeed to Marriage act was changed to specifically exclude Marriage Equality of the motion of Philip Ruddock supported by Nicola Roxon in 2004.

Thirdly, the feeling of the public is quite strong on this and so the matter of the referendum after the next election simply means that the next election become the referendum, as the labor Party has determined to bring the legislation to the house within the first 100 days.

It is not a constitutional matter and deferring the matter simply promotes and ongoing angst, and leave the matter on the table.

Effectively I see not reason why the people of Australia need to vote on the matter, which is a problem caused by the parliament. The majority of Australians see the matter as simply a justice issue, and as such justice delayed is justice denied. The parliament should clean up the mess the parliament created, and they should do it now.



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