At Least They Agree on Something

It may have taken three weddings and a helicopter!

Finally it seems that Labor and the Liberals have a point of agreement. They don’t really want us to know how they are clocking up expenses. Indeed it seems that both sides of the house want this to go away quickly. Family holidays in convenient locations at the expense of the taxpayer are all very well, unless of course the public know about it. It reality I don’t really care, this is just the Petty Cash, and sure a $6000 helicopter ride to save a $100 taxi fare is absurd, and not grounded in reality. If I thought all the government wasted was $6000 I wouldn’t care, the problem is they don’t mind wasting lots of the loot. They think it is theirs to spend. There is no sense of stewardship of the nation’s fiscal resources. The expenses fiasco are only symptomatic of the chronic failure on all sides to recognise the responsibilities of government more widely. Having an investigation and a report with recommendations is all very laudable, and we will all will think that they have done something about it. I fear that when both sides have closed ranks and agreed on this matter it may indicate that there is a more significant systemic problem than we are currently aware of. DrivingMissBronny


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