Good Point – but …


The Foreign Minister (of Australia) Julie Bishop has made a very good point.

“The best way for Indonesia to resolve any concerns it has about [Australia’s] Operation Sovereign Borders is for Indonesia to enforce sovereignty over its borders,” she told the newspaper.

“Operation Sovereign Borders is necessary because Indonesian boats with Indonesian crews are leaving Indonesia with the express intention of breaching our sovereignty, facilitated by illegal people-smuggling syndicates.”

Indonesia pays lip service to wanting to stop the traffic of asylum seekers, because it does not want them to stay in Indonesia, but sees a lucrative trade in providing a viable staging off point for the illegal ventures. Indonesia is getting very good at painting Australia and the ‘bad friend’ and western media lap this up.

Lets not lap this up. One moment they tell us they sent the money to the villages as per the request, next they tell us it is in a police station. I am not convinced that the story is true, neither am I convinced that it false.

The missing element at the moment is that the Prime Minister refuse to affirm or deny the claims, but instead has used morally relativistic to suggest that even if we did it would be alright, indeed it would be all good because it is for a good purpose.

Dear Mr Abbott, I am afraid this kind of answer is


Take this matter off the table now and answer it factually. NOW! So congratulations to Julie Bishop for a good point, yet we still await a good answer from the Prime Minister.


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