LED Lights

LEDOne of the things I have been doing around the house of late is moving towards using more LED lighting. Some (my wife included) think I have been a little obsessive on the subject. I would suggest I try to do things. It is not much use walking half-halfway across the road.

It has been a bit of a learning curve, however I hope a worthwhile one.

Typically we have (at least in Australia) described lighting in terms of wattage. This only seems odd if you think about it. The lighting described in terms of the energy it uses, rather than the light it produces. In Europe I believe it is now mandatory that lighting be described in terms of the light it produces.

It still means you need to work out how much light (measured in lumens typically identified as lm) you need in a particular space.

I had a 50 watt halogen downlight in the hall which I have replaced with a 4 watt LED downlight. I would say the result is similar, perhaps a little more light.

I have replaced a 125 watt floodlight in a bathroom heat light (so that is for light not heat) with a 12.5 watt LED bulb with an Edison Screw with the result being similar, perhaps slightly more light.

I have replaced 150 watt flood lights (as downlights) in the Kitchen with four 7 watt Edison Screw light bulbs. This has generated similar (perhaps slightly less) light burt is very comfortable to work with and certainly enough light.

Above the desk I had three 8 watt Compact Fluorescents which I have replaced with three 3 watt LEDs. This seems to be similar though I would guess a little less light.

Round the house a number of 60 watt light globes and 20 watt Compact Fluorescents have been replaced with 5 watt LED’s. Generally this has been good and all the light we need. Above the stairs I replaced a 75 watt globe with a 7 watt LED, and really I want a little more light there so have ordered a 9 watt.

Whilst I am hoping that this will reduce the power bill my real hope is that I am lowering the household carbon footprint.

Financially I have found ebay seemed to offer some cost effective solutions. Ten 5 watt LED’s were $20 on E-bay, and for that amount of money I could have bought two from Coles – so it is not just the GST.


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