Adam Bandt yesterday gave Tony Abbott a grilling over the accusation that Australian Security Services had been spying on Indonesia, and specifically relating to phone taps in 2009. The Rt Honourable, The Prime Minister responded and suggested that all Governments collect information. Whilst that s no doubt true, one wonders if it that much different to the News of the World monitoring of mobile phone calls. That having been said, it should also be noted that this relates to 2009, the period of the former government, presumably during the incumbency of Kevin Rudd.

I suspect that most Australians don’t mind us spying on Indonesia, and I am sure they have done the also, however perhaps its points to a bigger question about the relationship, as I suspect we don’t trust them that much. And I think a lot of Australians wonder how serious Indonesia is. happy enough to be the staging point for people smugglers, making many statements about opposition to it, but failing dismally to do anything concrete to resolve the problem.

As a nation near to us, that have a population of ten times ours, and a land mass considerably less than ours. They have the potential to be important to us, and we to them, however we have quite dissimilar cultural backgrounds, and will not always get it right. The Indonesians may well be very upset about the Australian surveillance or mobile phones, however in reality it is very hard to out that one on Tony Abbott.




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