Oh Please!

The Knitting JuliaI am sorry my instant reaction titles the post.

I am fairly speechless. My grandson has a habit of declaring ‘You’re Kitting’

The one lines keep rolling, ‘Rome burned while Nero fiddled’

I guess I should be pleased that she is knitting a present for the Royal Baby, perhaps her attendance at the wedding has caused her to rethink her republican views.

Clearly I don’t have a problem with the Prime Minister knitting, and in reality a present for the royal child that has been handmade by our national leader is really nice.

Has anyone mentioned to any of them that we have had six years of cynical political spin that assumes we will lap up everything.

They are in trouble, and there is an elephant in the room, and it will I suspect take more than a knitted kangaroo to bound them out of this one.



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