Obeid and Macdonald Expelled


The leader of the State Opposition reveals today that the two Labor power-brokers were expelled from the party ‘weeks ago’.

Macdonald I believe now lives in Hong Kong so t probably does not make a lot of difference to him. Good old Eddie probably doesn’t mind too much either. The issues that have abounded in the ICACC inquiry into the various dealings and the two people who were somewhere between as think as thieves and hardly new each other and could not recollect being in each others offices has astounded the people, not so much that it happened, but more for the scale and audacity of what it seems transpired.

Why one might wonder does the ALP sack the two people before the findings are delivered? Does this mean they are pre-judging ICACC and why having done so is it weeks before they announce the fact.

Do we believe that this will woo voters back to the ALP before the September election. I don’t think so. The ALP has promised repeated self cleansing and reinvention several times and it just has not happened. Th ALP does not need a band-aid, that need radical re-invention and the long run of the ALP in the state of NSW when so many of us believed the unbelievable was happening, when state politics made it to the Front Page most weeks, if not days with another unbelievable scandal.

The ALP is well rid of these two men, and there are quite possibly a few more who could be gone as well. I believe that the interests of the party would be well served by a realistic reform within Labor, not just a quick fix, and a return to understanding what the light on the hill is all about. When Tony Abbott speaks of Hope Reward and Opportunity is is resonating more with Chifley that the Labor message has for quite some time.



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