Energy Indepenence

Energy Independence should be a critical issue for any community. Energy comes in a number of forms, however it is what we need to achieve anything. Critical for transportation, defence, manufacture, and urban survival.

The announcement by Caltex that they intend to close the Kurnel Refinery and process fuel off shore, in India and Singapore is of course a serious challenge to our energy independence.  The Prime Minister spoke today of the matter as a ‘Job’s Issue’, and certainly it is a Job’s Issue, however that is anything but the end of it.

If we rely on others for our energy we become essentially vulnerable. That exposure is not simply to the vagaries of the market, but also to other more sinister possibilities. In the occasion of war and conflict, to rely on others for energy is positively dangerous. It is economic and security risks that have to be taken seriously.

Frankly we need to wake up. We have squandered the surplus that the previous administration stockpiled and we have little to show for it. We are selling the food bowl, forgoing our energy independence and abandoning our ability to make things. We run the risk of being a nation of fools led by imbeciles.


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