Asylum Seekers

This week has seen the tragedy of boats leaving Indonesia ill equipped  for the voyage to Christmas Island and tragically loosing lives of a large number of the passengers.

Apart from the blame game, there seems to be little meaningful that we have been able to do. The Malaysia Solution which somehow Julia managed to get through the house was thrown out by the high court.

The Malaysia Solution – so called – seems to me to be all wrong. Wrong because I don;t think we should be sending refugees to a country who has not signed the United Nations Charter on Refugees. Wrong because it outsources our border control to Malaysia who I don;t trust that much.  Wrong because we swap 800 for 4000 which seems like a dud deal to me. Wrong because the numbers are not sufficient to deal with the problem.

The mystery of today is that we have managed to get some legislation through the lower house, that is highly unlikely to pass through the senate. The Prime Minister  is unable to command the numbers to achieve anything that she wants through the house.

In the end it comes down to this:

The LNP Support Offshore – Naaru – or signatory to the UN Convention
The ALP Support Malaysia –
The Greens want On Shore Processing

The lady wants to the job, the lady needs to fund something that will work.  Tony does not need to be placid, the LNP solution is more honourable, and they do seem to have some runs on the board on this issue.

I don’t get why the Greens don’t have to support the Prime Minister, when they are clearly part of putting her in the top job. For some reason Julia want’s it to be Tony’s fault. It ain’t.

You don’t always get your own way, even if you are the Prime Minister.


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