Poor Craig

English: Julia Gillard
English: Julia Gillard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There seems to be a big call to lay off Craig, because he may not be strong enough to take all this pressure. Interestingly, I buy that. I think he has been under intense scrutiny for a long period of time, and that is not a good pace to be.

This has come about as a result to issues surrounding nearly half a million dollars of funds that appear to have been used for purposes other than the Health service union.

This of course was the subject of a very drawn out investigation by Fair Work Australia, which with 1100 pages conclude that Craig Thompson is the person responsible for the breaches of trust in relation to these funds. Craig asserts that this is an allegation, whereas most tax payers feel for the money, it should represent findings.

The Government want to call foul and suggest that the opposition should back off. In reality the opposition is doing its job. In a normal parliament I believe that Craig would have been sent packing, and no doubt he would be relieved to be out of the spotlight. However this is not a normal parliament, the is government by negotiated fragile settlement. Some even suggested that if Craig was absent from the Chamber that the opposition would need to offer a pair. That would be an unusual pairing for a member  the cross benches.

Circumstances as such give Julia Gillard no breathing space, so he needs to be there, and The Prime Minister needs him to be there. $150,000 in legals that have been covered by the Party suggest that he owes her one. Interestingly she also needs him not be be in the party room. The situation has to be awkward and uncomfortable for everyone.

I would be fairly comfortable to think that Craig does not want him to be there.

I can imagine that the Prime Minister does not want him to be there, but she needs him.

I can imagine that the Unions do not want him to be there, but they need him.

I can imagine that the Labor Party does not want him to be there, but they need him.

I can imagine that the independents do not want him to be there, but they need him.

Sometimes it is nice to be needed, however I don’t thin this qualifies. He is the weakest link. That is how strong the chain is. The opposition has a responsibility  to keep the government honest, though they may be failing in that task.


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