Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson

Penny Wong says today we should take the Politics out of the Craig Thompson matter, Others argue that perhaps we should take Craig Thompson out of politics.

Rob Oakshott now wonders if there is any moral credibility in the agreement he entered with the Labor Leader Julia Gillard, as some of the numbers now seem less complete.

Craig Thompson argues that the Fair Work Australia Investigation was joke, and that the findings are only allegations. Given the time,m the money, and the effort, one must conclude that the 100 pages represent findings of an independent government body, and as such they are not just allegations.

These allegations suggest that whilst Craig Thomsop was in his position with the Health Services Union he used the credit card for non union expenses, some of which (perhaps 100,000) went on the election campaign that enabled him to take the seat of Dobel, for the Labor Party. The total ammount involved here seems to be a little under 500,000.

In around may last year May last year and out of court settlement of a defamation action he brought against Fairfax Newspapers required him to pay a largish (undisclosed) sum of money. At this stage he was finding himself financially embarrassed  and a deal was struck whereby the NSW Bran ch of the Labor Party paid around 90,000 the bail him out. The problem was if he declared himself bankrupt he would have had to resign the seat and a bi-election would in all likelihoods have returned a liberal member to the House of Representatives and have changed the numbers, and the Government. Julia Gillard was aware of this agreement at the time.

Since then the legal fees have continued to accumulate, and now it would seem that the number is around 150,000. Julia Gillard now believes that that is a matter between Craig Thompson and NSW Labor.

The fact of course is that that this is the deal that keeps Craig Thompson in the House and The Prime Minister from being a member of the Opposition.

The current statement seems to be that fees incurred as an independent will not be met by the Labor Party. Of course if that leads to the former suggestion that he cannot afford the legal fees, the prospect of an independent going bankrupt and unraveling the Government underlines the fragility of the current arrangements that lead to power.



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