Shame on Bob Carr

Bob Carr, former Premier of New South Wales, d...
Bob Carr, former Premier of New South Wales, during a book launch in Glebe, Sydney. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

James Ashby is the complainant and former Slipper Staffer who has alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Labor Party one might imagine would support the worker in such a case, but no, Bob Carr is prepared to tweet maliciously suggesting that he is an Abbott put up job.

It would seem on the basis of reports James Ashby has asked advice of a couple of senior Liberal figures, privately, who it appears have appropriately steered him in the course of seeking legal advice, privately. If someone came to me to discuss such matters I would certainly have discussed that as a realistic option. We do have laws in the country to protect workers from being sexually harassed in the workplace and it would be good if the Minister for Foreign Affairs made less light of this.

Now if there is something else in the story that Bob Carr knows, he should put up or shut up. Any effort to attempt to discredit the former Staffer must simply be seen as an attempt to pervert the course of justice. We all knoiw that law is not always convenient, however it is law, and it would be nice if those elected to enshrine it, might honour it.


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