Bob Brown

Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania
Bob Brown, Senator for Tasmania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week brought the surprise resignation of the leader of the Greens, Bob Brown.

At sixty seven if he were to stand again he would be 68 at the next election and the senate terms are six years, so perhaps, more fool us for being surprised. Certainly it seesm to be a smart move as it give she new leader a year to get settle in put her best foot forward at the next election.

There is no sense in which I agree with much of the Bob Brown agenda, though I have voted green, and I believe I am reasonably environmentally aware.

It is to the credit of Bob Brown in no small part that the Greens have grown their primary vote to a level something like half of the ALP primary vote nationally. Certainly under his leadership the Greens have risen to the point where they have become the third political force, or are on the verge of becoming that party.

I personally think that it is an interesting time in Australian Politics, as the Labor Party is at risk of imploding, and the greens are well poised to fill the Gap. They will need to generate a broader spectrum of policy with some broad spectrum appeal,  The leadership of Senator Christine Milne will be critical in the mix here. She has clearly stated that she wants to move the Green forward with a broader popular appeal.



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