Lets be Real

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Mr Oakeshott

The remarkable Rob Oakeshott, who you might remember is an disgruntled ex Nat who was for a number of years valued by his electorate did deals with Julia Gillard and on the strength in part of those deals she was able to form a minority government. When the group of independents announced their decision someone forgot to tell Rob where the off switch was on the microphone. Most pundits agree that he seriously misread his own electorate who where essentially ‘conservative’ and had elected him to be a conservative independent. They generally believe that he has become more like a leftist lackey than a true independent.

In the face of the Kevin Rudd v Julia Gillard stoush that is on at the moment Rob tells us that if the Labor Party changes leaders all bets are off, and the first phone call he will make will be to Malcolm Turnbull. I am not sure what the purpose of such a phone call might be, however I suspect that such a call would be of little consequence. The thought of Rob Oakeshott changing horses at this stage would fly in face of everything he said when he had the microphone.

You might recall that his purpose in support Julia Gillard was that it was the best prospect of stable government.

If Rob Oakeshott was to change jockeys at this stage, I doubt that his electorate would be any more impressed than they are now, and it is quite clear that the coalition would be asking the Governor General for an election at the earliest opportunity, so as to maximise the effectiveness of Government and reduce the ludicrous impact of the Independents.


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