Wilkie Digs In

I am pleased to see that the Independent Andrew Wilkie has dug in and restated his position that if the Governemnt does not eneact meaningful Poker Machine Legislation by May he will withdraw support for the Government. It seems a refreshing change from those who make commitments that they do not honour!

In reality I am not sure what that will mean, given that his alternative is to vote with the opposition and Andrew Wilkie owes nothing to the coalition after the appalling way they treated him as a whistle blower. No serious commentator ever expected  to side with anything other than the Labour Party. None the less, if he pulls the formal commitment and becomes a wavering hand on the cross benches it undoubtedly makes Government a more difficult proposition for the Gillard/Brown administration.

These are little lap-tides, as Slipper slips across the line for the Speakers job and out of the Liberal Party, and Andrew Wilkie becomes more independent than before. One makes Julia Gillard marginally stronger, one makes her marginally weaker, yet still we are committed to major economic and social changes from a Government with a very thin grasp on power.

We live in interesting times.


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