New Phone

Last week after many happy years with Vodafone I pulled the pin and moved to Optus. The reason essentially has to do with the fact that I am now working from home more, and the mobile reception with Vodafone slipped from a patchy 1 bar to a patch less than 1 bar, and it just was not working for me. Optus offered a bundle with a device called ‘Home Zone’ which is supposed to give the designated numbers 5 bars. To date I would say, not perfect, but certainly liveable and economically sensible. Telstra called at one stage to make offers and promises of a similar deal (no need for home zone because their coverage is so much better!)  at a similar price. however the trip to the Telstra shop ended up with a deal about three times the price of Optus, so they go the deal.

The new handset is a Samsung Galaxy S2 which will no doubt be out of date by the time you read this. It seems good and has an unbelievable numbers of uses and applications. I took great care to transfer all my phone numbers, to discover than once I linked the device to my Gmail I had all the numbers anyway, and a whole lot more. Suddenly I can go back to the idea of a single database. I can now check my email on the phone and stuff like that which is good.

One thing the device has which seems alright (see cautionary note) is the talk to text, when you press the microphone and then speak (clearly) and the device then analyses the audio and renders it as text. Because I have normally spoken fairly slowly and clearly I have had a deal of success with it. Last night we had dinner at the pub in Swansea, and so showing this feature to friends at dinner – there was a fair amount of background noise and a modest quantity of alcohol – I spoke presumably slowly and clearly “We are at the Pub in Swansea” after a short while as the device did it thing it came back with a perfectly formed sentence “Do you want to have sex in the library?”.  Thankfully I had the presence of mind to catch that and not send it, however clearly there is a possibility of a variance between the message spoken and the message received – as in any communication.

Note to self: Don’t text from the pub!


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