Oh Please!

“Every time a vessel arrives, Tony Abbott is responsible, because he is a national vandal; he has wrecked border protection by putting his personal interest ahead of the interests of this country,” Mr O’Connor said.

But Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said the boat’s arrival was “business as usual” for Labor. “Boats have been arriving at the rate of one per week in 2011,” he said. “The Government’s decision to adopt the Greens‘ policies on border protection can only make matters worse, giving the people smugglers an even better product to sell.”

Tony Abbott is the Leader of the Opposition. The Liberal Alliance has traditionally favoured Off-Shore processing for Illegal Boat Arrivals of Asylum Seekers. Kevin Rudd semi dismantled this scheme when he took office, feeling he wanted something more humane, however the tennor of the issue in the electorate is one to be very conscious of the issues of border protection that arrise around this issue.

Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, explored several options including East Timor, though she may have done better to discuss it with them first. She dismissed Nauru as they we not a signatory to the Refugee Convention and did a dud deal with Malaysia. The Greens threw up their hands in holy horror, and in the house of representatives refused to support the idea, but rather to oppose the government that they helped put in place.

Tony Abbott was then the only chance of the legislation being passed, however publicly expressed concerns that the human rights of asylum seeks would be abused as Malaysia was not a signatory to the Refugee Convention – which Nauru now is – and Malaysia has a less that happy record in the area of human rights.

Compromise was the one thing required to get this through, and the Prime Minister chose to try and tough it out with a ‘my way or the highway’ approach. Tony Abbott predictably chose the highway.

The Government brought the Legislation to the house without having negotiated sufficiently to get it passed. That does not make Tony Abbott a national vandal. In reality I think it was a con from the beginning, they wanted on shore processing, even though the electorate does not, so now they have want they wanted and want to blame Tony Abbott for it. Why not blame Bob Brown or Adam Brandt. In reality the blame lies with the office of the Prime Minister who needs to learn how to be a Prime Minister in a Parliament with a majority of 1. It involves conciliation, concession and compromise.

Don’t Blame the Leader of the Opposition – far to much like the kids footy team explaing to the coach it was not our fault, the thier team cheated – they were better than us, it’s just not fair.

The article that gave rise to this splat can be found at http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/latest-asylum-seeker-boat-arrival-sparks-canberra-blame-game/story-e6frf7jx-1226170923328


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