Going Nowhere

In the wake of the wealth of delicious media lines I have chosen this simple line from our esteemed Prime Minister. Julia Gillard has declared that she is going nowhere.

I should be fair and put it in context, as she exploded this truth in response to question about the possibility of and change in the leadership of the elected labor party members. I guess it is good when you don’t have to help them.

So how are we fairing a third of the way through this parliaments term?

1. No Carbon Tax Promise. || Well all Australians will understand how it is and how some things mush change.

2. Malaysia Solution.  || The High Court rules 6:1 that it would be illegal.

3. Accountable Government. || Craig Thompson enjoys the full support of the Prime Minsiter

4. Budget to Return to surplus || I think this may be see 1.

5. National Broadband Network || It seems the push is on for a project that seems to lack the level of support it was thought to have and take-up where it has been rolled I believe is disappointing. It now seems that the competition may come from Telstra who will have the capacity to deliver wireless speeds in the next few years that will make the expensive NBN look lame.

One presumes that this was not the year that Julia had planned for herself. She got to be Prime Minister, but she had to give the strings away. It is unclear how long the uncomfortable alliance can continue and wonders why the Liberals are not being very respectful to the Greens, and Wilkie, Oakeshot and Windsor.


Should we take 4000 refugees from Malaysia if the High Court won’t let us send them 800 Asylum Seekers. Interestingly the answer is yes. Yes because Australia must be good for its word. The answer is yes because these are not numbers, they are real human people, and we must be honourable on this point. However, we need to be able to have Australian Screening of the 4000 whom Malaysia nominate, otherwise we are not masters of our own borders.


At present most Asylum seekers arrive in Australia by plane. They arrive on a variety of Business, Vacation and Student Visa’s, and then whilst in Australia make a claim and seek Asylum. These Asylum seekers are processed whilst ‘at large’ in the community. Those who arrive without papers by boat on our borders seeking Asylum however are subject to indefinite detention whilst their claims and assessed and processed. I think that the Difference in apporach should not be determined by the method of arrival but by the quality of documentation they present. My understanding may be incorrect, however I gather a number of those who arrive in Indonesia arrive with papers that are lost at some stage between their arrival in Indonesia and Ashmore Reef.


None of these matters are easy matters, however it is clear that currently the Government has few answers. On the five issues we are left simply to ask if the others would have done as well. It is an academic  question as Oakeshott and Windsor made the decision for us. I believe it will take a while before Australians will think so fondly of independents.



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