Malaysia or Bust!

It seems that Julia Gillard is determined to press ahead with the so-called “Malaysia Solution”. I am simple folk so I don’t get why it is a solution anyway. We send 800 Asylum Seekers to Malaysia and in return get 4000 genuine refugees that Malaysia does not want. Given that they seem to arrive at a rate of about 150 a week it seems to be a six week solution, what then? It was completely unacceptable for Julia Gillard to encompass the Nauru option as they had not signed the refugee convention. However it is glaringly apparent that Malaysia with an appalling record in terms of human rights is also not a signatory to the refugee convention. Nauru has I believe now signed the Refugee Convention.

Anyway today, the first 16 where to be flown to Malaysia, and another little hiccup, the high court challenge means that it is quite likely that Australia would be in breach of its obligations under the refugee convention by sending them to Malaysia. In terms of the six unaccompanied minors where the Minister is by force of law the guardian, the Minister would have another set of legal questions to answer.

It ain’t working. The Indonesians don’t like it. The Malaysians are not fond of it. A fairly wide belt of Australians are embarrassed by it. Even Bob Brown does not like it. The intended video of the deportation to be shown of YouTube looks a bit ‘hows your father’ now. I imagine the UN Commission of Refugees is appalled by it as well. Perhaps Julia will find support for it from the British Prime Minister who she seems to believe is a staunch ally.

It seems that this is yet another ill conceived idea that will end up going where many of us wish this government would. I think I hear the flushing sound already!

I don’t see how anybody operating of a moral base could believe that the Malaysia Solution was just, fair or reasonable. It seems a one off deal, a short term solution, with precious little merit and a lot against it. And why knows who we are going to get from Malaysia. Lets hope the High Court calls the ranger to give evidence, and still ditches it.


If we don’t like they way the treat cattle, why would we think they would treat asylum seekers with dignity? Zero for moral credibility on this one Julia.


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