Not Sure

The force of this ABC article is that they intend to film the shipment of asylum seekers to Malaysia under the new deal.  The purpose of the footage is to show these images as movies on YouTube so that other potential asylum seekers will think twice and perhaps not venture in our direction.

Is this going to be yet another violation of human rights, or do they intend to get everyone to sign a release to permit the use of the footage. A given that this is now the equivalent of advertising, do we intend to pay the participants a fee in exchange for that release?

Of course the answer is that this is as ill conceived as anything else about the deal.


I don’t understand why this is any sort a solution. Firstly just go to Malaysia and get flown to Australia pre approved. Secondly what happens to the 801st assylum seeker who arrives on Christmas Island. It seems to be that the deck chairs being shuffled yet again on the decks of the Titanic this time are real human lives, many of whom I suspect have a real tale of woe.


I do not want a simple open door, but I do want rapid and equitable processing of requests. Despite seeming tough one wonders if the Howard solutions were not perhaps a little more humane than the current nonsense.

We have borders and they mean something.

We have a heart and that means something.

We also have a head which a few more people should be using to devise an appropriate and real solution to this in real time.


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