Happy 30th Birthday

Ms dos
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This is around the 30th Birthday of MS Dos.

MS Dos is of course is all but dead these days, showing occasional appearances only for the enlightened who now how to call it up from the depths of the run box in Ms Windows7. It was of course an acquisition by Microsoft that revolutionised the way the world ran. Well at least how computers ran, because it opened the door to desktop computers, rather than dumb terminals sitting on the back of large CP/M machines. It represents a milestone event in the company that was to eclipse many before it, and all it sold was licenses to use intellectual property.

The speed at which these changes have happened is phenomenal. 30 years is in terms of world history an exceeding small space of time. That time has seem the rise of the internet, email, social media, the wholesale automation of many processes from manufacturing to accounting. 30 years ago we used to use things called comptometers to to large scale adding up. (I have provided a link as I suspect most people will think I made the word up)

The reign of DOS was a point which opened the door to much that has changed our world, right down to simple things like going shopping. I went shopping today with $20 in in wallet, I spent $50, and came home with $120 in my wallet and I spoke to no-one, I did not go the the bank, and I did not deal with the checkout operator. We all know how I did that, but 30 years ago I would not have had that capacity. If Ms Dos had not happened, our lives would be very different.


And as an aside, had the invention been largely female and the options of a binomial world expand to a trinomial universe, the options be would be yes, no and maybe, and the current progressions 2,4,8,16,32 would be 3,9,27,81,243 who knows where we would be by now!


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