Carbon Tax Issue

I suspect it is the clear arrogance of Julia Gillard that annoys me in this. This time last year she was busy telling us that there would be no Carbon Tax on her watch. So she went to the polls with this undertaking ringing clear on our ears.

It is a matter of public record that the results of that election where less than scintillating and we entered the great pause, while deals were brokered to enable Julia to form a Government. This rattly deal involved undertakings to the Greens, Rob Oakshot, Tony Windsor and Andrew Wilkie. In light of the high level of public disquiet one must assume that she is one bi-election from disaster.

The question is should be be imposing a new significant  tax without a mandate, given the undertaking at the last election was that it would not happen.

I am also generally sick of Julia dumbing down the whole issue for public consumption, like some kind of patronising school girl.

The sadness is on the other side of the debate, Tony Abbott has taken a stand totally opposed to any form of price on Carbon, which regardless of his passion does not seem rational or realistic. In the current era we are oozing carbon into the atmosphere and destroying forests at an unprecedented rate which is the mechanism the environment uses to restore the carbon balance. Tony has given us no way to work towards resolving this.

Far too few facts are on the table on either side.



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