Malaysian Solution?

Julia Gillard
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The so called Malaysian solution does not seem to be the kind of solution that most fair minded Australians would regard as a solution that they would want to embrace.

The problem is when asylum seekers arrive unannounced at our borders we need to have some way of processing their claim for asylum fairly. We choose not to open our doors to all who would appear. Lawbreakers in another country do not qualify as genuine asylum seekers within the accepted meaning of the term. In general terms to be accepted for asylum we would like to think on the balance of events a normal application for migration would be accepted, save perhaps for quotas, and perhaps skills.

Presently, the custom is to process the asylum seeker on Christmas Island. Those who appear with papers in order I believe are being processed in a reasonable time frame, however numbers of them appear with dodgy/doubtful or no paperwork.  Clearly this has to slow the process. The demand has been high since Kevin Rudd urged a compassionate approach, seen as a green light.

The current facilities are clearly not enough to cope with the demand, and a further solution is required. Julia Gillard has always rejected the Naru solution as they have not signed the refugee convention, though they have now indicated a willingness to sign the refugee convention. Julia has proposed the Malaysian Solution.

There seem to be  a few problems here Malaysia, is not a signatory to the refugee convention, and in fact there general record is such that one must wonder. They continue to embrace corporal punishment, and there are other suggestions of treatment of prisoners which might cause a question about their human rights record.

The problem with the Naru Option would seem to be that Tony Abbott suggested. That does not make it a bad choice, though one can understand Julia’s reticence.

The last person who seemed to have any handle on the issue was John Howard.

The new world with terrorism as a part of life, that seems to have little respect for national boundaries has no doubt given rise to an increase in genuine refugee3s, yet this has also increased our need to carefully vet every applicant, as there are some parts of modern life that we do not want to incorporate into the Australian lifestyle.


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