Solar Power


solar panelsSince the Solar Panels on my roof where connected to the grid we have had a great many overcast days, and interestingly my fist bill has now arrived including 9 days with the panels on.  In this time time we returned to the grid 13 Kwh for a rebate on the account of 3.50. The energy consumed in that was rather more than that, amounting to 37.18, with GST of 3.71 to be added to that amount.

I hope that the next bill has a return greater than the GST. Of course they would net the bill before calculating the GST, since when you play the government the plan is for the government to wine every time. This probably explains the inane grin that adorns the treasurers face.

And with the wind attacking the house tonight I am wondering if the panels will even be there tomorrow.

None the lest, must not whinge as I think of our brothers and sisters across the diutch as they deal with more of the ferocity of Mother Nature.



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