A Day of Sanity

Gillian Sneddon

Yesterday Gillian Sneddon was awarded damages from wrongful dismissal. She was in fact the employed staffer in the Swansea Electoral Office who received a complaint of sexual misconduct relation to her employer, the member for Swansea and then Minister in the then Labor Government. She reported the matter to the police and the day she gave evidence in court she was dismissed.

Nobody believes the Labor Party acted well in this matter, and nobody I know thinks that Gillian was ever treated fairly in relation to the matters. He former boss, is indeed in jail for the offences for which he was found guilty. Gillian has suffered much as a result of this all, built in this she has been the champion of the little people.

I do not think that the money fixes the issue, but I hope beyond all hope that it gives Gillian a line in the sand from which she can move forward to something better.

And one hopes that the lessons will be learned by the Labor Party and others – that people matter. A culture of secrets and non-transparency are for the bad old days.


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