Mothers Day

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One of my facebook friends posted a message today to the effect that

Motherhood is tough. No pay, No days off, No training given and most often unappreciated & yet resignation is an impossibility! HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to you all!

And I wonder what that says of a jaundiced view of the world.

Motherhood is undoubtedly an complex and responsible task, given essentially in nature and a task shared with most mammal species on the planet.

No Pay: Well yes, there is little in the way of a financial inducement to take on the task, but from all I gather it is not without it rewards and pains.

No days off: Well yes, that is because it is essentially ontological and not teleological. That is it is something that you be, not something that you do.

No training is given: I question this, for the example and pattern set by our own Mothers in bring us up, for better or for worse, is a training for this task. which reminds us that part of the task is to set the rol and pattern for those we bring up that they might be equipped for the task.

And most often unappreciated: perhaps so, or perhaps we are not sufficiently equipped to express our appreciation, or perhaps we want to be appreciated more.

I am currently reading Hugh Mackay “What makes us tick” and he makes some good points in this, not the least of which is our need to matter. At the end of the day everybody matters, but we set this day aside to remind ourselves that Mothers matter. My own mother having died in the past few years, I know that there are many ways I have come to appreciate my own mother, perhaps in the way that no child would every be capable of. My mother was no more perfect than you mother is/was, however I can say that she did matter to me.


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