Memory is not what it used to be!

I was reflecting that when I bought my Amstrad 256 it came with a 360Kb floppy drive, and there was much relief when the new 720Kb drive become available for it. The 720Kb disks cost $30 each.

When I bought my 386, I bought it with a 40Mb hard drive which was an extra $200. A lot of people asked why I would do that given that there was no way I could ever need that much space.

This weekend I procured a 2 Tb external USB hard drive for $98.

Roughly that means that static memory has dropped in price from around $40 a MB to $0.50 in around 25 years.

So one wonders what do we do with this new vast amount of space? Basically we fill it up with all sorts of stuff. Files are bigger than ever before. A 2 Gb database was unthinkable 15 years ago and now it is hardly worth considering as significant. The images from my camera are now significantly larger than they once where. The operating system of my new computer (Windows7) would not fit on the hard drive of the PC I bought 22 years ago.

Of course my own memory has also depreciated, however in fairness it has more to remember now than it used to, and so the things I can actually remember must be of greater worth. Mind you it can take a while to rummage through the Tera-bytes on memory I have stored so I may have o get back to you on that. It is however I have established essential not to forget where you store the wine!


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