Easter Day 2011


Easter Day at All Saints Belmont was a great experience.  Much to celebrate, and whist very traditional, probably the first time I have seen an Easter Garden of Garden Proportions, consuming all but a narrow strip by the rail to allow people to take their communion. The empty tomb was there, a vast array of flowers and no contemporary garden is complete without a water feature. Good solid liturgy and a thoughtful address.

And it all happens in an amazing world. Julia Gillard was gob-smacked to see the devastation in Japan first hand, and it does make you think when life can bee just normal, and withing 30 minutes the solid ground has shaken violently, and a tsunami washed most of what was left standing after the shake. Those towns and villages need an Easter, a bursting from the tomb,  new life.

And in ChristChurch New Zealand the priest of the cathedral demolished in their earthquake  is preparing to come to Australia to lead a retreat. Does this mean that he has had his Easter, or is part of his Easter the connection with others.

And the little girl in Sydney who has been missing for months, found dead, and the parents charged, having gone to the grave for the Child’s seventh birthday. And there is a need of Easter here to as well, as none of us can imagine parents doing the unimaginable, and still unimaginably needing the grieve and take flowers to the grave. I can not begin to imagine how much Easter is needed there.

The Christogram at the top of this article IC (Jesus) XC (Christ) NIKA (Rukes or Conquers).  The search for meaning is one of the things that drives us an impels us forward. May each us experience something of Easter in the places where we need it most.


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