The ALP has ordered a review of last week’s result, which will be headed by former NSW deputy premier John Watkins and Queensland’s state secretary Anthony Chisholm.

“It’s important we get an objective assessment of what happened last Saturday,” John Robertson (the new leader of NSW Labor) said.

I am not sure that I a compelled to believe that any study conducted by a member of the party could be objective. On the one hand objectivity is a subjective possibility, on the other hand it is quite clear to most of us that there are a range of self evident things that need to be looked at.

  • The ongoing saga a scandals of one sort or another took its toll on credibility
  • The ill discipline of the elected representatives including Ministers
  • The  disunity of the party
  • The party appeared to follow public opinion rather than lead
  • The party’s main objective appeared to be to hold power
  • The campaign started negative and ended up defeated
  • The lurking suspicion that all decisions were made at Sussex Street
  • The Proroguing of Parliament to thwart open review of decisions
  • Too many taxes
  • Too little investment in infrastructure
  • Too many Announcements and not enough Action
  • Too little loyalty to the leaders.
  • Not enough Transparency
  • A loss of ideology and core mission
  • Too much spin, too little substance
  • Too much elitism – not enough egalitarianism
  • Too little concern for the people of NSW

The list goes on, but in short the NSW Labor Government appeared corrupt, self serving and direction-less. The seats they have retained they retain because there are still enough people who believe that there is something worth saving. The senior leadership should go into lock-down and return to a proper understanding of what it means to be Labor. Once they have done that they then need to enthuse the party faithful with the new and re-invigorated message, and then the party will be ready to present a new dream to the people of New South Wales.


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  1. The ALP brand was almost irreparably damaged when both the rural members and the general public realised the absurdity of creating a political party within a political party. I refer to Country Labor!
    Terminal damage was then inflicted on what was remaining of our party in rural electorates when Sussex Street decided to run barely Known, and in many cases barely adult, candidates. For this reason many Labor supporters refused to vote Labor.
    Combine this with with all the political odium created by several of our politicians and it’s a wonder we got the percentage of votes we did

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