Congratulations to Jamie Parker on his election to the seat of Balmain.

It aso asks interesting questions about preferences.

It starts like this

Party Votes % Vote Swing
Verity Firth ALP 13770 30.2 -9
Maire Sheehan IND 1376 3 3
James Falk LIB 14857 32.6 8.8
Leeanne Gesling CDP 426 0.9 0.9
Jane Ward IND 682 1.5 -1.6
Nicholas Folkes IND 290 0.6 0.6
Jamie Parker GRN 14015 30.7 1.2
Jon Shapiro IND 223 0.5 0.5

Because the Greens out polled the ALP it was the ALP votes that got distributed to get the Greens in.

Had the Liberals out polled the Greens the preferences would have returned The Minister.

It argues that preferential voting should be taken more seriously in Australia. It is to be hoped that Jamie will be a strong member for Balmain, and hold the seat for some time. it is a nice part of the city.

It also calls into question the thrw away remark of Prime Minister Gillard at the Gough Whitlam Lecture. Clearly she had not consulted with Balmain.


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