Are we there yet?

It’s Wednesday and on Saturday we go to the polls in NSW. So how has the campaign gone. Most people are over it.

We are now being inundated with ALP ads telling us that the Liberals are going to win, but that we should not give them too big a majority. Presumably that means that given half a chance they would abuse power.

The indication is that the Liberal National coalition will take office on Saturday.

I don’t imagine the Labor rout will be as complete as many suggest, though I have no doubt it will be extraordinary.

Optional Preferential Voting

This is one thing that really annoys me. In Federal elections you need to order all the candidates on the ballot, and if you don’t the ballot is informal. In NSW  a ballot is distributed until it expires. The major parties are happy to push not distributing preferences, which of course skews the results. Their argument is that people who vote for minor parties don’t count. It may be that this election will show the folly of this. In Balmain for instance, Liberal preferences will most likely determine the result. If the Liberal votes expire, then Verity will probably be safe, however if the Liberal preferenced the Greens in that seat, the seat would almost certainly go to th Greens.

Time will tell.


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