Yawn – Election

Kristina Keneally is out treading the boards, upbeat, sounding like she is winning. and arguing that she is winning the campaign, though even she is doubtful about being elected.

Barry O’Farrell is also out and about, not so upbeat, and cautiously optimistic that he will get the guernsey.

Labor would appear to be spending more on the election than the Libs. The Labor argument is that the Libs will be more worse. The Libs argument is that no one could be more worse.

There are a couple of interesting seats, Balmain and Marrickville, where some high-flying Labor scalps are up against the Greens and the greens look promising. It may however come down to Liberal preferences, and one suspects that may keep the seats in Labor hands. None the less the constituents may well direct their preferences.


The electorate of Swansea gets special mention because I live in it. We have five candidates,

The sitting Labor Member, Robert Coombs

The Lib who is Deputy Mayor of Lake Macquarie Council, Garry Edwards

A Green lady. also on Lake Macquarie City Council, Phillipa Parson

Christian Democrats candidate, Norren Tibbey

Gillian Sneddon, who was the lady who brought the Orkopolus scandal to light, and has since been treated shamefully by the ALP and the NSW Parliament.

Talking quietly to people around Swansea there are a lot of people who think Gillian Sneddon is worth a go. She has already got the creds for being prepared to do the right thing, and a belief in doing the right thing. This could be a low budget campaign with a good result. On the other hand it will be hard to unseat Robert Coombs, as the tree got a big shake last time in the wake of the Orkopolus scandal and he still got elected – almost on primaries.


The pending labor loss lies at the feet of the people in sussex street, and the countless ministers and members of the labor government who have disgraced themselves, done damage to the labor brand and performed a huge disservice to the people of New South Wales. Labor has treated NSW as a freehold, and they are about to be reminded it is only Leasehold.

I am a little saddened to hear that Krisitina Keneally has ordered the shredding of documents and the wiping of hard drives as it does not sound like fair open government with nothing to hide.  The Australian has an article headed “they like her, but they don’t rate her”. I think my current word would be disappointed.


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