Sneddon For Swansea

The Electorate of Swansea has an interesting choice.

Gillian Sneddon

Gillian Sneddon is standing as an independent candidate on a ticket of Integrity of Pubic Life

Many people have heard the name, and the reason for that is that she was the person who blew the whistle on Milton Orkopoulos, then a minister in the State Government.

So what does she bring to the table.

  1. Long standing resident of electorate – has lived at both ends
  2. Knows how to run an electorate office from the inside
  3. Knows what it is about, or at least what it should be about
  4. Has a strong track record of standing up for honesty, integrity and decency
  5. Is a person of the people for the people

The ALP for a long time have believed they have the freehold on the electorate of Swansea, however they need to understand it is only leasehold.

I say Gillian is the kind of person we need in state parliament and I say Swansea is just the electorate to put her there



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