Interesting Twist

Julia Gillard has announced that there will be a Price on Carbon from July next year. One wonders what the effect of this will be.

Kristina Keneally has strongly supported such and move whilst Barry O’Farrell has opposed it, suggesting that families cannot afford another $500 slug.

And what will this do to the Greens? There is a chance of some loss, however most people ready to vote seriously Green where already aware that there would be a cost. I found it interesting that Bob Brown had to be part of the announcement from Julia Gillard, made him look a bit like the Deputy PM.

And why did Julia not wait till after the election in NSW to make the announcement.


My cynical self wonders if this does not give them and option to have something else to pin the blame on, when they analyse the results of March 26. The ALP will not like the hard truth that the reasons lie in the abuse of power, the abuse of trust, corruption after corruption, scandal after scandal, and the mismanagement of almost every area, the secrecy, the lies, and the concept that decisions are made in a non-transparent way, decision after decision, member after member, minister after minister.

A carbon price/tax will not change the outcome, but it will muddy the waters


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