There is always one


This is a fabulous story of faith against all odds, of commitment and passion. Most of the Pundits are arguing that she will loose between 30 and 37 seats in the upcoming election. Kristina Keneally is effectively suggesting that she will not loose more than 7.

Go girl go. I suspect that the truth is that Kristina Keneally will not  loose the election, but that the Labor Party will loose and that loss and the reason for it should be laid not at the feat of the current leader,  so much as it should be laid at the feet of the the corrupt, the arrogant, and the implausible – that would include Sussex Street and a string on Ministers and members in both houses of parliament.

The Challenge is now how to go 31 days without a scandal, corruption, or gross mismanagement allegation. Unfortunately not to put to fine a point on it, that would be a long run by NSW State ALP standards.

None the less the other problem we face is who is going to win the election, and by that I do not mean who didn’t loose the election.

If the NSW LIB/NAT Coalition want to run the State, then the have 31 days to step up to the plate, tell us they want the job, convince us they have a good plan, and that they are deserving of our vote.


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