33 – State Express

I don’t get it.

Somehow or other Kristina Keneally prorogued parliament in December to squash an enquiry into the States Power Generation Assets.

Now she manages to sign a deal with the Commonwealth Government for a new rail link to Canberra.

A quiet spend of another 500 million dollars of State Money and 2.1 billion in Commonwealth Funding.

I have no idea if it is a good thing or a bad thing, I imagine it is a good thing, so long as public transport is better in Canberra than it is in Sydney, otherwise you need a car to go round in circles when you get there.

What I don’t understand is how the system is such that proroguing parliament stop scrutiny, but allows the Government to go on sign documents and committing expenditures for a time when they may not be in Government.

Why can’t a new Government Prorogue Parliament after the first day of sitting and then just rule on unscrutinised whim for the next four years? The rules seem to be being twisted to convenience in the current period and one suspects this is an abuse of the trust of the people of New South Wales.

Barry O’Farrell launched the Liberal Campaign on the weekend, there was an orchestrated protest outside suggesting that he was on favour of Urban Sprawl. The ALP then protested that he was spending too much money and could not be trusted.

So apparently the choice is a new and shiny new Labor, determined to do better, or a Liberal Party setting us in a new direction.

I think the Independents and the Greens will be the ones to watch. This means that a lot of things will come down to preferences and who ever you vote for I think you need to be sure to use the preferences so your vote does not die, and the key decision will be if you put the ALP candidate ahead of the LNP or the LNP on top of the ALP. With this freedom a lot of people will be able to control the flow of their own preferences and a good thing to.

Balmain is a case in point, as one suspects that the Greens will poll very well, and it will come down to how the liberal votes are distributed. If they fall heavily enough to the ALP then it may get Verity back in. Otherwise if lots of liberal and minor candidates votes preference the Greens then Balmain should return a Green candidate. Whatever the parties decide it comes down to the individual voters to cast their ballot so that it really counts.

I know the cynics think a politician will get in anyway! I say let that be the one closest to what you want.


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