Is Barry a Goer?

LINK This article from the Business Spectator seems to suggest that today may be the day.

45 Days to the State Election and we really have not seen a lot of Barry O’Farrell on the front foot. We seem to have had a lot of press where the Kristina Keneally led Labor Government is doing the best they can to be on the Front Foot, and if it wasn’t for the train wreck that they are standing in they may get away with it. It seems the press finds the story in the demise of the Labor Government rather than the possible rise to power of the Liberal Party on NSW.

The press also have not spent a lot of time on the Greens who are likely 6  1/2 weeks from now to have two seats in the lower house (the Legislative Assembly).

To date they has been little suggestion that the Liberal Party will win, rather that the Labor Party will loose. I guess with the state of the state it could hardly be considered winning to have to try and fix it up.

The ALP has been traditionally a centralist party and has consistently moved against the states having any power. The coalition parties have tended to be better supporters of the states, however it is to be noted that Tony Abbott is a centralist as well.

So is Barry a goer? Does he plan a short hard sprint to the finish, or is he like a big old car with a slow run up to top speed – but will then cruise at that speed for a long time, or does he figure he will just let them crash and burn and then begin the clean-up?

The ALP is no doubt the media darling, but even the media needs more than this, yet they just don’t seem to warm to Barry. This may be the first election on a while where the people decide for themselves rather than being told what to do my the media.

Currently Labor is expected to loose between 13 and 37 seats which will put them in opposition. Yet it is worth remembering that 45 days is a long time on politics and it only took one flood to move Anna Bligh’s status from Lucifer’s apprentice to the First Assistant Secretary to the Archangel Raphael.


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