Timing is Everything


This one must have escaped me somehow. It seems that the Commonwealth Government has withheld 75 million dollars from NSW for the Building Education Revolution for fears that the State was wasting the money. They apparently no longer believe this to be the case so they are letting the funds flow again.

Given the reckless abandonment by which the Gillard led Government seems to have been prepared to spend our money one wonders how bad it must have been that they would withhold funding from a Labor State Government. And one wonders if it is all better now, or is it a matter that we have an election 46 days away.

I think what concerns me is the suggestion that the problem related to 4% of the projects. I know of one school where all the are transport past another school in order to get there, and the invested of anything seems ridiculous, and the tales have been longer and louder than 4% would suggest. Most of us would imagine 40% would be closer to the mark.

State Labor has few friends in Federal Labor, as it seems brand loyalty only goes so far. It seems every leading light from Bib Hawke down thinks that the end is nigh for the long run Labor has had at the helm of NSW.


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