Not Going … anywhere

It is utterly clear that Kristina Keneally and Eric Roozendaal do not want the people of New South Wales to know anything about the power deal. In order to scuttle the inquiry Parliament was Prorogued about two months ahead of time, a stong PR campaign was run to suggest that the Inquiry was Illegal, Unconstitutional, Political, and unable to afford parliamentary privilege to those who testified. The eight former Board Members who resigned the day before the deal went through, without which happening the deal would clearly not have gone through, and be constrained from speaking and threatened with legal action by Kristina Keneally if they did appear before the committee of the Legislative Council. The President of the Legislative Council, Amanda Fazio, has blocked the only chance to compel these 8 people to be summonsed. Kristina Keneally and Eric Roozendaal have now advised that they too will no longer appear before the committee.

Are these persons accountable or not? Kristina Keneally should know that he is, after all she has been elected to office, Though I guess Eric Roozendaal can be excused as he has been rocketed into place by the back-room boys in Sussex St.

It is the seeming  disdain they have for the people of New South Wales and the absolute contempt they have for any sense of accountability the gets me so riled on this issue.

In 51 days the people of New South Wales get the one chance they get every 4 years to make a difference, and they will. Once can but hope that there is some people willing to step forward and make that difference, not just sit there and get elected by default.

Barry O’Farrell has clearly held back, and really no-one seems to be really in election mode quite yet. I believe that there will be a couple of Green Candidates returned (probably Balmain and Marrickville) and this election could see the Greens rise to a new prominence at the state level. The other thing to watch in the election will be the rise of social media. Twitter is going to be the election live for some, and we will see some use this technology well whikle others will tweet like a twit.

FaceBook is the other clear social medium that they will be working, and all the parties are out there doing there e-campaigns. Seats like Balmain and Marrickville, urban, affluent technologically proficient and likely to have more responsiveness to this new medium, and I suspect at the present moment the Greens may be doing this the best.


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