22 say Over and Out


It is almost not worth mentioning as the 22 nd Labour MP decides not to re-contest.

This is Mr Tony Catanzariti, 61, a Griffith citrus farmer, said he had been weighing up the decision to run again during the past 12 months, and decided he could not commit to another eight years in the Legislative Council.

His maiden speech is preserved on wikipaedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Catanzariti and is an interesting read only really for who it mentions. The chances of him being re-elected would have depended how far up the ticket he had crawled from number 10 where he was in 2003.

The more you read of the ALP the more you realise that it is very close knit community and this is some ways is its great strength and also a great weakness.

To be any good in any kind of organisation you need to have people who can tell you when you are getting it wrong. Not from the outside but from the inside. Complex relationships like John Howard and Peter Costello worked because they did not like each other but had enough respect for each other to listen and work together.

I have no idea what Tony brought to the house, or what he has done to forward the interests of NSW. A google search tells me he has done something at Charles Sturt University where he serves on the Board and in Fig Production, to which I gather he will now turn the greater part of his attention to.

Travel well, Tony, we wish you no ill.


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