55 Days – Nobody Cares

Well we are now inside the 8 weeks to the state election and apathy reigns Supreme in New South Wales.

The Greens are working hard on twitter and Facebook, and I think they are planning to make an impact. Although I don’t like in them the electorates of Balmain and Marrickville look to be worthy of a big push from the Greens as they seem to be the two seats most likely to return a Green candidate.

The Minister for Educations husband has be arrested for drug possession, and has resigned from his position as Chief of Staff to the Minister of Roads. Keneally will no doubt try to distance herself from that one.

The libs are also having a bit of a go at the twitter thing and really they don’t always get casual, it still seems a bit stilted and traditional media, but hey, at least they are having a go.  I posted on Barry O’Farrell’s FaceBook Discussion page the other day and had very prompt responses, one by a heckler and one by a staffer. I think they have this going well, especially as they seem to be monitoring it.

The power sell off inquiry seems to have been shut off at the pass, however I don’t think it is going to go away. So far all we know is that it is so bad they do not want us to know.

The last real value of the grid was 30Bn. The unelected Roozendaal has sold it for 5 Bn, but he had to give away 3Bn to get the deal. 8 directors resigned in disgust. The committee has be nobbled. The eight have been threatened with legal action if they speak to the enquiry and legal action if they don’t. (… and she pays us poor beggars in red). And we, the people of NSW are supposed to believe that this is a good deal for us.

I don’t think so Tim (as Julia is reported to have said).

So we believe that Labor has lost the election. The question remains, ‘do we have a winner?’

Unfortunately the answer may well not be the people of New South Wales.


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