The Hon Eric Roozendaal

On the 24 June 2004,  The Hon. Eric Michael ROOZENDAAL was appointed to the Legislative Council to fill a vacancy created by the resignation.

In August 2005 Minister of ports and Waterways

On the 26 October 2006, he was appointed a Senior Minister. and in 2007 became minister for Roads, and following the 2007 became the Treasurer for a Nathan Rees led Government.

Currently he has a bundle of portfolios including Treasury, Illawarra, Roads, Ports and Waterways, Regional Development and Special Minister of State.

Now as we live in a democracy you may find there something strange that a person with so much authority, if he is elected in March 2011, will have held all this authority without being elected.

This person, whom we did not elect has done the dud deal to give away NSW Power Generation to foreign interests.

How can this be, I hear you ask, in your relentless search for truth.


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