60 Days

Here we are 60 days from the election.

Parliament has been prorogued for a month. Kristina Keneally has declared the inquiry into the power sell of is illegal and unconstitutional, threatened to sue the eight former director with legal action if they do testify and somehow has managed to appear before the committee herself.

They clearly have done a deal which has many facets that they do not want to share, and do not want anybody else to share with us, the people of New South Wales. The assets involved where valued at 30 Billion in the Bob Carr reign, and have now been sold for 5.3  Billion, with a net return to the state of somewhere between diddly-squat and 3 billion, estimates seem to be around 300 million.

Despite little news coverage of the events the people of New South Wales at a rate of about 10-1 don’t like the deal. They also don’t like the way it has been done. The strong suggestion is that they will not vote to return this Government in March. The pundits are suggesting that Labor will retain 13 seats out of the 50 it currently holds.

So where will these votes go? The Liberal National Coalition is seen as the two party preferred option, but I ma not too sure. This kind of swing is talking about people whose grandparents and parents have always voted Labor, with the passion of a Collingwood Supporter. The Green Options and the Independent Options will allow these voters to state clearly their disapproval without having to vote Liberal which many of these people would regard as ‘sleeping with the enemy’.

Now the Greens are the natural allies of the ALP, however some of the recent statements suggest that not all is well in this relationship. The Greens are not in favour of the power sell off. The Greens are not in favour of a new big dirty coal mine. The issue for the greens is the key issue that currently has a lot of NSW upset has them upset as well.

There will be a lot of toing and froing in the next few weeks. I clearly do not expect Labor to fare as badly as some are suggesting. When I looked at it the other day I was imaging Labor controlling around 40 votes, holding around 36 seats in the house. As the power matter drags on I see Labour doing worse. Another scandal or crisis would not be want she wants right now, but can The NSW State Labor Team go 60 days without another scandal?

The great challenge for Barry O’Farrell and the team is to present a credible alternative and attract votes. Team Discipline, and Better Media Management need to be high on his agenda. Media Management for the first time ever at a state level needs to include social media, twitter and facebook especially. Ask Gerry Harvey, because there are now other ways of people being informed, and this media gives voice to the people.

I suspect if leaving the ballot empty counted as a vote to not return a member for that seat we could save quite a few parliamentary salaries this time as I suspect we would not have 93 seats in the chamber filled!


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