62 – How Do You Do

Well if the papers and polls are to be believed then if you are the Premier of NSW the answer would seem to be “Not very well”.


If Labor was to loose 37 seats in the Legislative Assembly that would leave them with 13 out of 93. The Greens would probably be largely aligned with them and they would, subject to policy changes on the part of Labor be their allies in the House. Not a lot of people are predicting the Greens for much in the election, though with a bit of work I feel they could capture Balmain, which is interesting in that has been a Labor Core Seat for a long time.

The point remains that we are now less than eight weeks from the election, and we have a fairly fair idea of what we do or don’t expect from Labour. At the moment it seems that Labor will loose the election, it is fair to say they lost the people some time back.

However somebody has to win the election. I would rather that Barry O’Farrell was not the Stephen Bradbury of NSW Politics.  He needs to get up and go for gold.

run Barry run.

Given a choice at the moment if informal votes counted for no-body wins the seat I suspect many seats in NSW would be vacant. Lets hear some policy. Lets look like it means something.


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