64 Days – It gets worse

The on line media today suggest that model for the sell of of the power generation assets of New South Wales was rejected my Maurice Iemma in 2008 as being a model that delivered sub-optimal results for the people of New South Wales. This was on the basis of professional advise tendered to the Government at that stage. It was in the wake of this that Maurice Iemma lost the leadership. He was succeeded by Nathan Rees.

It would seem that the major reason that the Government wants to get rid of it is that it is in the need of work. Old power stations need to be renovated, re-commissioned, decommissioned, etc whilst at the same time it is clear that we need more power, cleaner power, and politically something that does not cost a bomb.

I seems that the option selected will hopefully renovate older power stations, however as part of the deal is a new coal mine, I don’t see it getting any greener, cleaner or cheaper any time soon. As a result even the Labour Party allies the Greens are opposed.

Kristina Keneally says she will sue the directors who retired if they give evidence. The reason she can do this is based on the denial of parliamentary privilege because she has prorogued parliament – which she did so she had this grubby political hand to play.

For all the things I like about the lady, I am so aggrieved at the disdain in which she is holding the people of New South Wales  and our future. She is looking like anything but the first instrument of liberation.

The Cardinal ArchBishop of Sydney, George Pell, clearly overstepped the mark when he called on Catholic Politicians to vote as the Church decreed. Kristina Keneally rightly argued that the informed conscious was to be the ultimate guide for the faithful Catholic as enshrined at the 2nd Vatican Council. I can’t see how prorogued parliament looks like the decision of an informed conscience, rather misled and misleading.

There is no doubt that the media has been distracted by the floods north, south and west, and in worries me that tha=ey have not given this matter the attention it deserves.


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