66 Days – Clickety Click

The Sale of NSW Power Generation

  • 1.5 b Coal Mine
  • 1.0 b Coal Subsidy
  • 1.2 b Retirement debt
  • 0.6 b Dividends Loss
  • 0.4 b Potential Damages
  • 0.3 b Transaction Costs
  • 5.0 b Total
  • 5.3 b Value of Sale of NSW Power Generation Assets

This is but one piece of the detail that Mrs Keneally does not want is to know.

Barry O’Farrell is again calling on Kristina Keneally to ‘unprorogue’ parliament.

The Government it appears is not feeling obliged to hand over the documents to the committee.

The Government has left a hardly veiled threat to sue the eight directors if they testify.


  1. They have something to hide
  2. They will try very hard to keep it hidden
  3. 8 people know something of this and they will try to stop them speaking to.
  4. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The usually more reserved on such matters Fred Nile declared it to be a very bad time to be selling the assets of the people of NSW.


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