68 Days & Counting

With 68 Days till the New South Wales State Election on the 26th of March 2011 Kristina Keneally has re-stated that she has no intention to recall parliament, labelling the idea as no necessary. She has also refused to rule out the government taking legal action against the directors in relation to evidence they may present before the committee.

Kristina has continued to label the committee illegal and unconstitutional yet she and the treasurer intend to appear before it. The argument for the committee being illegal and unconstitutional is the argument that parliament is prorogued so the committee can not meet. Fred Nile, the Chairman of the Committee intends to summons the eight directors who resigned in the face of the deal, which will lead to the question about the committee as how can the court enforce the summons if the committee is illegal, and if the summons is legal then surely parliamentary privilege will be assured.

This is messy and unfortunate, however the easy fix, to recall parliament, is not on the Keneally agenda.

The point being that the States Electricity Assets are being sold for the cost of a flood clean up in Queensland. There are some big questions that need to be answered, and it seems the committee is the best chance we have of knowing anything about it, as it is clear that the Keneally Government things that it is commercial and ion confidence.

Unfortunately we ultimately will know something about the deal, however I do not think it will be this side of the election. There has been no suggestion that she has briefed the leader of the opposition about the deal.

I smell a 


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