Back-flip with Half Somersault and Twist

It would seem that Kristina Keneally is endeavouring to exercise a harm minimisation strategy. Today she announces that both herself and Eric Roozendaal will attend the Legislative Council inquiry that she has labelled unconstitutional and has already banned public servants from testifying before.

At least two of the former directors or power companies, Ross Bunyon and Michael Vertigan, have indicated a willingness to appear before such a committee, so long as they were afforded to protection of parliamentary privilege.

This matter has not attracted the press coverage it warrants for a number of reasons. The internet has certainly run the story, however it has been low key in the printed media and has not rated any real air time on TV news.

  1. Timing, The Christmas New Year holiday mode
  2. The Cricket has given the press more than enough to occupy Front Pages
  3. It is a complex matter and NSW Politics is a joke anyway
  4. Labor has leaned on media friends to minimise the damage

There are now calls for Keneally to recall parliament.

Where this story will play too is unclear. Keneally is set to be the third Labor Premier of NSW in a row to have been undone on an issue relating to privatisation.  Arguably she was gone anyway, according to many, however her handling of this matter has been a negative and growing more negative as we go.

There is a hole, and Kristina has the shovel, will she dig herself further in the hole, or have a crack a digging herself out.

This offer is not quite going to get her out of the hole, as by her definition the inquiry is illegitimate and unconstitutional, however she and the treasurer will appear before it. go figure! Next week we will start to move out of holiday mode and I predict this is a long way from the end of the story.

79 days to the election.

Barry O’Farrell has not had a lot to say on this matter, though clearly has suggested according to one source at least that parliament should be ‘unprorouged’.


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